Why Zigogne ?



We are ZIGOGNE. We make excellent
FPV products

Our products are designed and tested in France. We collaborate with several teams to enhance our products before launching them.

Aso reviewed by unbiased Youtubers we participate in the future of FPV by developping innovative boards like the Z-CORE which is patented.


Four facts about the technology

Dedicated to all

From beginners to confirmed pilots, we offer a large range of airframes for those who wants to fly with a small, medium or large size frame !

Crash resistant

Ever wanted to fly without fear of breaking at first crash ? Our frames are made with high quality carbon and adapted thickness according the the size of the quadcopter and the equipment's weight. During prototyping we also do crash tests to correct any weak point.

Interchangeable frames

With the Z-CORE board, you'll be able to transfer all your electronics from one frame to another. In fact, the board integrates all the components. Just open the top plate and switch them on the new one.

Customised design

Our frames just doesn't look like others. We also select high quality colored carbon that pimp your quad a classy way.